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Take control of your creative career.
Following the success of and, The Tasman Theory Pty Ltd is looking for beta testers to experience their new recruitment app which helps aspiring artists get head hunted.
  Everyone knows how difficult it can be to get noticed by big name companies, especially for creative fields. Competition is fierce, positions are limited, and applying for jobs always feels like a one-way street. We also know what it's like to send your demo reel and resume to a company and not hear anything back from them. It hurts and you are left feeling empty and uncertain of your next move.  
  On the flip-side the process is just as difficult and exhaustive for recruitment teams. Finding talent creates an unnecessary work load as recruiters trawl through poorly designed websites, manage job board listings, catalogue hard-copy material, track notes, and deal with a constant stream of candidates with the wrong skills.  
  "Our team approached this problem using their own experiences, having spent many years on both sides of the fence. After some extensive research our belief that existing hiring processes were flawed, outdated, and exhaustive were instantly reinforced." says CEO, Andrew McDonald.  
  To solve the problem Tyroe provides a one-click solution for artists to instantly showcase their skills to companies actively seeking talent. Having collaborated directly with recruiters and senior artists from the worlds leading creative studios, Tyroe has designed the perfect "One-page, No-click" webpage to showcase your skills and your personality.  
  As an artist Tyroe puts you back in control by sending you detailed information about which companies are looking at your work, what jobs they are currently hiring for, and most importantly which jobs you are being shortlisted and condisered for.  
  From a recruiters perspective, Tyroe is a discoverable visual database of artists accessible in a team based collaborative environment. When a studio needs to fill a job they simply login, search artists profiles, review the best candidates and contact them directly.  
  "Tyroe is already working closely with a number of high profile studios and we are now looking for motivated artists to participate in our beta test set to launch in 2014." says CEO, Andrew McDonald.  
  For more information, and to register your interest in our beta test please visit  
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