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What is a Tyroe?

An artist with less than five years experience in highly competitive fields such as Film, Television, Games, Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Industrial Design, Illustration, Photography...

Pixel-perfect portfolios

Upload your artwork and resume to create a responsive portfolio that looks amazing on your mobile and 30inch displays. Show off your work to recruiters the way they have asked us to present it.

Interactive Builder

Effortlessly create a stunning profile using our "what you see is what you get" editor. Drag-n-drop images, embed videos, enter your details right into the page without using a form.

Responsive design

Keep your profile ready to show off at all times, and on all mobile devices.

Twitter style recommendations

Invite your colleagues and associates to add "twitter style" recommendations to your profile. No need to ask for long references that people simply don't have the time to read.

Show off your work. To the right people.

We don't waste time increasing your page likes and getting you five star comments from your competitors and friends. We focus on delivering your work directly to decision makers at the world's top studios looking to hire talent.

Instantly visible

Once you publish your profile, studios will be notified and kept up-to-date with your schuedule and latest work.

Valuable feeback

Recruiters and their teams collaborate to find the best job candidate by sharing comments and scores with you.

Industry ranking

Get yourself featured by the editor and improve your chances of getting hired based on your industry score.

Compare skills

Discover how you stack up against the competition, and your own

Take control of your career

Take control of your career by applying for jobs and tracking their progress all in one place. Receive instant notifications about who is viewing your work and which jobs your are being considered for.

Personal Dashboard

Your own dashboard provides you with a quick overview of everything you need to know. Monitor how you are performing in comparison to other's in your field, review your latest score, and check all recent activity to your profile.

One-Click Apply

Applying for jobs has never been easier. Simply visit the Job Openings page, search the recommended jobs and hit "Hire Me".

Real-time Alerts

Know exactly what is happening at all times. You will be informed the instant something important happens in relation to job applications, profile views, feedback and other helpful insights.

What people are saying.

  • “This website is pure gold! It's like Facebook, but for something I actually care about.”

    Garrett Hoyos - Lighting Artist

  • “Great idea connecting Studios and Artists so well. Getting feedback on my work is just mouth watering!”

    Marque Pierre Søndergaard - VFX Artist

  • “Tyroe will clearly become a tool you simply must use if you are a junior artist.”

    Mieszko Lacinski - Artist

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